Easy Access Showers

Easy Access Walk in Shower

Accessible Walk in Showers from Premier Care in Bathing

Easy Access Walk In Showers from Premier Care are designed specifically for people with Limited Mobility who prefer a shower instead of a Walk-in Bath.

The Vitalize Easy Access Shower is our new, stylish, high-end model which offers the ultimate luxury and safety in a barrier-free, ultra low-entry shower. Every aspect of the Vitalize has been designed to be luxurious and safe, to fit perfectly with your taste and lifestyle.

The Inspire Easy Access Shower is the ideal shower for those looking for safety, independence and accessibility with designer styling. This redesigned Easy Access Shower offers innovative shower doors and high quality accessories to give you the style and safety you desire.

The Refresh Easy Access Shower offers safety, comfort, and accessibility. Designed to fit a wide range of bathroom settings, it provides everything you would expect from an accessible shower.

Please spend some time to learn more about Premier Care Walk-in Showers then Schedule a No-Obligation in Home Consultation for a Premier Care Representative to visit your home and help you select the perfect Easy Access Shower that fits your lifestyle.

Vitalize, Inspire and Refresh Barrier Free Showers

Many of our customers have expressed an interest in having an easy access, ultra low entry shower with a safe, sturdy, non-slip chair that doesn’t get in the way.

The Vitalize Shower System

The Vitalize Shower System

Premier Care in Bathing is proud to introduce the Vitalize, our high-end luxury model. Designed to fit with the contemporary, high-end features found in so many homes today, the Vitalize is sure to complement your lifestyle and taste, without sacrificing safety.

The Inspire Shower System

The Inspire Shower System

The ultimate in Barrier Free, Ultra Low Entry showers, giving you elegance and custom support. The high quality, tempered raindrop-patterned Accessibility Doors can be opened separately and folded back to allow easy access.  The sturdy, padded chair can be folded to provide additional room.  Dual shower heads offer the convenience of a fixed or hand held shower.

The Refresh Shower System

The Refresh Shower System

The Refresh is an innovative, Barrier Free, Ultra Low Entry shower that is versatile enough for the whole family. The lightweight Accessibility Doors can be opened and folded back to allow easy access.  The sturdy, padded bench can be folded to provide additional room.  Dual shower heads offer the convenience of a standard or hand held shower.

Benefits and Features of Walk in Showers:

  • Easy to Clean
  • Protected by PremShield antimicrobial lifetime protection built into the gel coat to keep your shower clean and bacteria-free
  • Secure, ADA compliant Grab Bars
  • Fixed Shower Head
  • Flexible Shower Head with soft glide adjustable riser rail
  • Ultra Low entry, Barrier Free
  • Sturdy, fold away padded seat
  • Innovative Accessibility Doors
  • Eco-Soft Shower Curtain and Rod
  • Leak Free Construction
  • Suitable for Custom Installation

Our complete line of Easy Access Showers, including the Vitalize, Inspire, and Refresh offer the style and protection you desire in seeking a safe bathing solution. Our ultra-low threshold Easy Access Showers offer freedom and independence without compromising safety or space. Finally, you can shower safely and easily while enjoying the comforts of living in your own home with a Premier Care in Bathing Walk in Shower.

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